How-To-Skate: 360 Flip

         This is a tutorial on how to 360 flip. 

        This trick is a hard trick to learn, most people don’t land this trick the first time so don’t worry. This trick is a combination of a 360 pop-shuvit, Ollie, and a kick-flip. To learn this trick you have to be able to Ollie, kick-flip, and pop-shuvit. It will be really helpful to know how to 360 pop-shuvit.

         Foot placement:

         First start off with your back foot on the tail where the board starts to curve and with your toes hanging off (so you can get scooping better). Your front foot should be more closer to your back foot in front of the trucks(you can move your front foot up more and more once you get use to it). Make sure you have balance.

       Pop, scoop, and flick:

       Now you want to pop your board and scoop behind you front foot, while your front foot goes straight out, not up. This should be one motion. It is basically a kick-flip and 360 pop-shuvit together. Practice this. It would help. You can even do it with out a skateboard or in the grass.
photo7photo © 2011 Greg Kolls | more info (via: Wylio)



      Now your in the air.. pull your knees to your chest and watch the board flip. Then catch it with your feet. It doesn’t matter which foot you catch first, I catch mine with my front foot and sometimes both. Then land and bend your knees so you can absorb the shock. Now go out there and land it if not first then keep practicing.
Pietrophoto © 2008 Adriano Agulló | more info (via: Wylio)


     The board goes in front of you or behind you:  Just jump with the board where ever it goes. If it goes in front of you, you jump forward, if it goes behind, jump back.

    I can’t get it to spin: You just need to practice on your scooping and popping more often. If you practice it will come naturally then you will be able to do a 360 flip.

    Board flips more than spin: You don’t really kick when you 360 flip. Don’t even think about flicking. Just focus on scooping. All you do is scoop back and pop then flick with your ankle or barely that much.



My Avatar

My avatar describes me. I am mostly sleepy some times and I like to listen to music. This avatar may not show it but it likes to skateboard just like me and play video games like most people.

The Country-poetry

 One day I go into the country and never come back, I take off like a Jack-Rabbit I saw last summer, I won’t come back like that Jack-Rabbit.

I’m heading into the country(which really matters) and I never reappear in that big buildings place again.

Once I get there, I’ll get lost sometimes, go find a place to hang out, and hear crickets all night. But fast-forward 15 years or so, and look at me.

I don’t get lost anymore, the crickets have come old news to me. I just sit out just into the open looking at the sunset by pass me, Observing other people lives as mine own, not thinking about the reason I came here in the first place.




        As I’m rolling down the street on a piece of wood I see a sidewalk in my neighborhood.  I’d Ollie up the curb then Nollie back down I did this mostly all around.

I skate some more down the street I see my friend skating beside me. We both were heading to the skate-park just a few blocks away, He told me want to try a new trick, I said maybe today.

We were at the skate-park and we had to pay but,  you don’t have to on Friday’s. I head to the fun-box and look at the sun, it was so bright I couldn’t see anyone.

I stare at the stairs while scratching my hair. I backed up and rolled towards the stairs my heart was beating like a sneer drum as I got closer and closer, I finally kick-flip down and hit the floor on the ground.

I got up and tried it again but this time I was going in. I kick-flip down the stairs and landed, while I land it my friend handed me a  phone.

It was Mom who called me Tom? I had to go home, first thing I’m doing is going into my dome where I sleep and eat. I was in my room or dome watching my TV show It was called “How Low Can You Go?”.

I going to skate tomorrow and go fast down that hill like an arrow.



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 I think people should visit this blog often. Even if you don’t like skateboarding you should. This blog includes stories and soon to be poems and even a research paper. This blog is also full of pictures and I mostly put pictures in every post I do. You don’t even have to visit my blog you can tell other people about it. This blog is no ordinary blog…..

Social Networking

        I think Social Networking is ok until you abuse it like if you put too much personal infomation about yourself then it’s not ok. Social networking is popular because you can meet and make friends. It is also bad because if you put a picture out on the internet on accident and you try to delete it, it won’t work and it will stay out their in the world. You have to be carefully from what you put online even if it’s a social network like facebook/myspace.


        I notice that people don’t say mean things in other people face, they cyberbully (Devin). I think they should have an ID card for computer users to see if they wrote bad things on the Internet through Facebook, e-mail, Yahoo, etc. because how else would you stop cyberbullying? I also know that it is not easy to get caught if your on a computer or your bullying someone that lives far away because the person that you are bullying can’t do anything, he don’t know where you live. Again they should use a tracker. Also I wonder could they still get caught if there far away? or Is there a different way to stop cyberbullying?


         The thing that got me thinking was  the survivor named Willie Francis who survived the electric chair because it was exciting to me and it was pretty cool. The thing I was thinking about was who was the one who straped  him in wrong and did they made him go back to the electric chair again? I also think this is a like a 0% chance you could get out of an electric chair now. I got this information from Joey.


                                    WHEN DID TERRORISM START?

         History goes back to Sicarii Zealots( Jewish extremist group active in Ludaea province at the beginning of CE.) They killed collaborators in roman.  In 6 AD they formed another group called Sicarii. They wanted to kill temple priests, Sadducees, Herodians, and other wealthy elites (” History”). Even when Napoleon 3 was around they still terrorize the people. January 1858, Italian patriot Felice Orsini threw three bombs in an attempt to assassinate French Emperor Napoleon III (” History”).

                                       WHAT IS STATE SPONSORS?

         A state sponsor is a state that can sponsor terrorism by funding or harboring a terrorist organization (” State Sponsors”).  State sponsors is also known as state terrorism. One example of state terrorism is Afghanistan. Afghanistan is one of two secret service agencies believed to have possibly conducted terrorist bombing in Pakistan North-west during the early 1980s ( State-sponsored terrorism).  Some people are trying to stop state terrorism by filming the terrorist. On the night of February 12, 1998, 15 year old Yumlembam Sanamacha was worried about his forthcoming exam. On that night the Indian army entered his home, grabbed him, and took him away (Sanamacha). That is one example of state terrorism.


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