How-To-Skate: 360 Flip

         This is a tutorial on how to 360 flip. 

        This trick is a hard trick to learn, most people don’t land this trick the first time so don’t worry. This trick is a combination of a 360 pop-shuvit, Ollie, and a kick-flip. To learn this trick you have to be able to Ollie, kick-flip, and pop-shuvit. It will be really helpful to know how to 360 pop-shuvit.

         Foot placement:

         First start off with your back foot on the tail where the board starts to curve and with your toes hanging off (so you can get scooping better). Your front foot should be more closer to your back foot in front of the trucks(you can move your front foot up more and more once you get use to it). Make sure you have balance.

       Pop, scoop, and flick:

       Now you want to pop your board and scoop behind you front foot, while your front foot goes straight out, not up. This should be one motion. It is basically a kick-flip and 360 pop-shuvit together. Practice this. It would help. You can even do it with out a skateboard or in the grass.
photo7photo © 2011 Greg Kolls | more info (via: Wylio)



      Now your in the air.. pull your knees to your chest and watch the board flip. Then catch it with your feet. It doesn’t matter which foot you catch first, I catch mine with my front foot and sometimes both. Then land and bend your knees so you can absorb the shock. Now go out there and land it if not first then keep practicing.
Pietrophoto © 2008 Adriano Agulló | more info (via: Wylio)


     The board goes in front of you or behind you:  Just jump with the board where ever it goes. If it goes in front of you, you jump forward, if it goes behind, jump back.

    I can’t get it to spin: You just need to practice on your scooping and popping more often. If you practice it will come naturally then you will be able to do a 360 flip.

    Board flips more than spin: You don’t really kick when you 360 flip. Don’t even think about flicking. Just focus on scooping. All you do is scoop back and pop then flick with your ankle or barely that much.